Tips from the Magi on how to worship

Have you ever had this experience: the lyrics of the worship song seems to be speaking of some kind of romantic love between the worshipper and the Lord God.  That doesn’t work for me, in fact it just becomes a barrier.  I believe there has to be plenty of ways for guys to sincerely express their  commitment to Christ without singing sappy lyrics.

The Magi, wise men form the east, who visited the Christ Child provide us with an excellent model of authentic worship of the King of Kings (see Mt 2:1-12).  First off their worship was not devoid of external expression.  When their quest for the Messiah was nearing its conclusion the text reads that they “rejoiced exceedingly with great joy”.  High fives, props, cheers, fist pumping, gee I don’t know what camel-riding astrologers would have done, except that it was natural, it was expressive and it was not constipated by perceived social customs.

When the star leads them to the house where Jesus was and they gazed upon the face of God, enfleshed as a child they were humbled.  The only posture appropriate was one that bends the knee in submission.  These men, mighty as they might have been, accomplished as they no doubt were, recognized that they were in the presence of one far greater than they were or every would be.  They did not resist his sovereignty, but yielded to it, paid homage to it and declared their allegiance to it.  They had come as Magi from the east, they were going to leave as emissaries and ambassadors of the Christ.  This is and would be their worship.  Not romantic sentimentality, but the fidelity freely offered by a prince to his Lord.

Guys we know that their public submission to Jesus’ rule was not a facade, because they backed it up by opening up their treasures to the child who was King.  What they relinquished to Jesus had real currency in their lives.  The gold, incense and myrrh were real treasures to these guys, not imported but brought with them.  These gifts were very much an expression of who these guys were.  Our treasures will look different from those of the Magi, they will reflect of our experiences, our context and our personality.  What is key is that what we offer Jesus will be real treasures, because only in releasing those to Jesus’ control will we know whether are hearts are truly in his service.


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