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What makes your kids happy?

How happy are the young people in your life? The happiness of American youth (aged 13-24) was the focus of an MTV/Associate Press study. Let me recap some of the findings I found noteworthy.

1. General Happiness – 65 percent of respondents say they are happy with the way things are going in their lives in general and 62 percent think they will be happier in the future than they are now.

2. Parents, Family and Relationships – Parents are seen as an overwhelmingly positive influence in the lives of most young people. Remarkably, nearly half of respondents mention at least one of their parents as a hero.

3. Religion and Spirituality – 80 percent of those who say spirituality is the most important thing in life say they are happy with life in general, compared with 60 percent of those who say that spirituality is not an important part of life at all.

4. Fortune and Fame – 70 percent say they want to be rich – and nearly half think it’s at least somewhat likely they will be someday – but just 29 percent want to be famous. Only 17 percent think they will be famous.

5. Technology – And contrary to popular views of technology as a source of stress, many young people would be more stressed out without technology, with nearly half saying they never turn off their cell phones – even when they’re trying to chill out.

I see some of this in my own kids, particularly regarding technology. Instant messaging, texting and Facebook is their tech-enabled “hanging out”. The means have changed from “back in the day” but not the goal. Do I need to cut them some more slack?

Hey did you read that parents are still considered as heroes by their kids! Could it be we have more influence than we think, more than they might be willing to let on? For me that stat was a little boost to keep on speaking into the lives of my kids…they might secretly appreciate it.

What caught your attention?

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Taking the road to refresh-ment

I am anticipating some vacation time, as many of you no doubt are. A post in The New Man Report caught my attention this week. It was entitled “Take a vacation…from yourself“. The article includes some doable ideas for hitting the refresh button in our lives as men of the way.

The one from the list that I will be doing is visiting some friends that I haven’t seen for a while. In fact, we leave in two days to do that.

For those of us who are married I would add the idea of expressing romance to our wife in a way other than what fits under the adjectives unimaginative, routine, boring, cheap.

What would you add to the list?


Running the roads to learn to just walk across the room

There are a few decisions that mark my mornings: how strong to make the coffee, will I run and if I do what will I listen to. This morning I should have made the coffee stronger, I did decide to run and my audio companion was Bill Hybels, pastor, author and boat enthusiast from the windy city area.

What I liked was his simple yet profound reminder that walking and talking the faith needs to be directed by God. Bill tells a few stories where he senses God prompting him to do something, maybe strike up a conversation with someone and as he follows the Spirit’s directions amazing things happen, friends are made and new life is found through Jesus.

Being a Christ follower before others should not be mechanistic or insincere, it simple needs to be about responding to the nudges of God’s Spirit to take the initiative to cross the room, or the street or the lunch room or whatever and befriend people where they are. Every Christ follower can do that, can’t they?

If you would like to listen to the talk that I heard by Bill Hybels you will find it here.


Close Male Friends – What holds us back

I grabbed the following few lines from a recent post:

I believe most men want close friends in spite of the fact that, as a group, men tend to process things more individually than women might do….The problem is that many of us don’t know how to be vulnerable, and even if we did, we wouldn’t want to be!

I mostly agree with the quote above. I like to keep my cards close until there is a mutual trust. Developing that trust takes time and it’s time that is my biggest obstacle. Getting beyond parking lot banter to real life has to be intentional or it usually doesn’t happen, at least that is my experience. And if it doesn’t happen I get stuck at being a good acquaintance…but not a close friend.

If you count yourself in the camp of men that would like to have a close friend, then what gets in the way of that, or what has helped you accomplish that? I’d love to hear and I bet other guys would too.


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