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The Godless Gospel – Part 2

“I am looking for help and happiness, just don’t include God in the gospel” is the stance of some that we know. Last post we noted that David Wells argues that for many today salvation is no longer understood in a moral framework but instead in a psychological one.  This has led to four significant shifts.

First, people no longer esteem virtues; personal preferences is what is valued and vaunted.  People don’t talk about the “character” of a person, instead they talk about their personality.  Third, we don’t recognize our shared human nature but rather view life from our individualistic perspective.  And finally the experience of guilt from  violating God’s law has been replaced by private shame for which treatment not confession is necessary.

The gospel that is proclaimed to those that want deliverance without a deliverer is one based on things and techniques.  Without God we are left saving ourselves and our means is through the things that we possess and the things that we know.

Sound bizarre?  Next post I will talk about how the godless gospel showed up in my life.


The Godless Gospel – Part 1

Think of the people that surround you on a regular basis.  Do they not want happiness and security?  Do they not want wholeness and hope?  Do they not want to be delivered from disease and despair?  Do they not want affirmation and significance?

The people that surround me do!  And that which would provide all of that would be considered by them to be good news, it to them would be “gospel”.  However, what they don’t want (or so they think) is a God-based gospel.  Good news yes, God no.

David Wells, argues that when one removes God from the picture, there remains no adequate basis for moral absolutes.  Salvation is no longer understood in a moral framework but instead, he argues, in a psychological framework.  People are not seeking deliverance from sin and its effects, rather they desire to be saved from their inner angst.  Have you seen that?

In the next post of this series we will talk about some key shifts that have accompanied a move from a God-based gospel to a godless one.


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