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X-ray vision (mark 12)

In Mark 12 Jesus continues to confront the hypocrisy and the duplicity of the religious leaders, who are bent on trapping him in his words.

What struck me as a read through the chapter was that Jesus has the uncanny capacity to see through people and into people and to be able to measure things up for what they really are.  Not only do I see that with the way he dealt with the religious leaders, but also in thee other places.

The scribe comes asking which commandment is the most important.  Jesus replies that loving God with all that you are and loving others as yourself are the greatest.  The scribe and he dialogue further and Jesus discerns that the scribe is not far from the kingdom of God (v. 34).

Although that scribe is moving God-ward that wasn’t the case in general.  In fact, later in the chapter (vv. 38-40) Jesus warns against the piety of the scribes.  Jesus can see through their religious facade to their heart and realizes their public conduct is but vanity.

Third, as Jesus sits across for the temple treasury he notes that many give large amounts that cost them little, while one widow gave a small amount that cost her much.  Again he sees beyond the externals to internal realities.

I believe Jesus is beginning to reveal his identity; he is the “beloved son” (v. 6), the cornerstone (v. 10), and king David’s lord (v. 37).  It is this identity, that is beyond the earthly, that gives him the capacity to accurately judge hearts, those long ago and ours today.



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